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binetaAre you looking for a summer camp to send your child this year?

binetaDo you wish your child to have a unique, different and memorable experience this summer? You are definitely thinking about Rancho Platon.

The essence of a child should be complemented with experiences and human values. To achieve these objectives, this summer we offer your child experiences such as:

The location and design of Rancho Platon will let your child take pleasure in the harmony of nature while getting the opportunity to live an adventure.

They will learn to appreciate the greatness of nature in a completely natural environment that will motivate them to let go of technology and help them detox from urban pollution.

Rancho Platon is the first eco-lodge in the Dominican Republic that operates 100% pollution free and we will teach your children how our hydroelectric operate using the riverbed to produce our own clean and renewable energy.

Your child will develop skills that will help them face obstacles in their daily routine in an exciting and enthusiastic way. They will enjoy an unspoiled nature where they will learn to appreciate simple things, such as:

  • Slide down an exciting tube ride that descends to natural pools.
  • Tubing in a crystal clear river enjoying a beautiful scenery
  • Hiking through ecologic trails
  • Climbing a great waterfall
  • Horseback riding through impressive places
  • Living the experience of camping in the forest
  • Zip lining over a beautiful landscape
  • Learning how to climb a leafy tree

Sports and recreational games help children develop skills and create discipline, which stimulates the development of their character in an entertaining way. We offer:

  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Ping pong
  • Baseball
  • Dodge ball
  • Water Volleyball
  • Gymkhana
  • Board games
  • Old classic games
  • Night activities
  • and more...

Given the spectacular location of Rancho Platón, it is able to visit a wide range of unique places around the area. Children will live and enjoy these life experiences by visiting extraordinary places that will remain forever in their memory. We offer guided visits to:

  • Las Aguilas Bay
  • Pelempito Hole
  • Lake Enriquillo
  • Oviedo lagoon
  • Larimar Mine
  • Los Patos Beach
  • San Rafael beach
  • And more...

We promote social awareness and we teach children to perceive the feelings, needs and interests of the community, thus creating empathetic individuals that can put themselves in the place of others. For this reason we will share sports, snacks, educational talks of nature and other social work with the community.

Through our dynamic activities, children will develop their character and leadership encouraging them to work enthusiastically for a common goal, standing out from the rest by taking the right decisions.

They will learn to combine the ability to perform manual tasks and the mental ability to know how to make them.

We create fun activities where children must learn to work in teams, hence stimulating their personal development.

Not only we make sure that your child has a wonderful experience, but we guarantee the quality and variety of our cuisine, the comfort of our rooms and a personalized service.

We offer first class accommodations, located amongst trees, waterfalls and natural pools, each one of them inspired by different aspects of nature. The rooms have air conditioning, ceiling fans, balconies with exotic views and bathrooms equipped with hot water.

The restaurant overlooks the Nizaito River and is surrounded by trees, natural pools and fountains where your children will enjoy a variety of healthy and delicious cuisine, prepared by our chef.

We achieve the perfect balance between quality and preservation of the environment, while offering great adventure!

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We are focus on giving attention to each child, for this reason we are only accepting a limited group. We recommend you to contact us soon. We have payment plans.

We encourage you to compare what local and international market offers, so you can make the decision to send your child to discover the hidden ecological paradise: Rancho Platon!

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