Who We Are?

Rancho Platón is an eco-adventure tourism project. Due to its location and design, one can take pleasure in the harmony of nature while getting the opportunity to live an adventure. This project offers a truly relaxing experience where you will learn to appreciate the simple things in nature - letting yourself get carried away by the river, enjoying a refreshing shower and swimming under a waterfall - or simply delight your eyesight with the spectacular views.

The project consists of bungalows located amongst trees, waterfalls and natural pools, with each one of them representing a different aspect of nature. Our location allows visitors to enjoy the main attractions of the zone, which include beaches, mountains, and rivers.


Our mission is to offer the best ecotourism destination in the Dominican Republic, providing world class luxury rooms, excellent national and International food, served with the highest quality and service standards; bringing the perfect balance between quality and preservation of the environment while offering great adventure.

To become the most valued ecotourism destination in the Caribbean, defined by our customers as the best boutique eco-lodge in the area.


Our greatest satisfaction is to teach our customers to appreciate and preserve what nature has in store for us, to show them around the surrounding areas and to encourage an appreciation for the local culture. We teach the community about the preservation of the environment so that through the years the next generations may have and enjoy a pollution-free sustainable environment.

It is important to point out that Rancho Platón is 100% green because:

binetaWe use the energy provided by our four hydroelectric power plants which work simultaneously using the water from the surrounding rivers and without contaminating the riverbed.

binetaEven when we produce the power we use, we have installed energy saving lamps throughout the facilities.

binetaAll of our pools are completely natural, without chemical treatment for the water, and they are designed to allow water to flow naturally to the Río Nizao.

binetaSewage treatment is also done naturally through the use of septic tanks and drains.

binetaBiodegradable solid wastes will be use for animal food and non-biodegradable will be separated and sent to the city for recycling.

binetaWe have our own independent water supply system which brings pure high quality water directly from the spring.

binetaOur restrooms discharge very little water (less than the standard 2 gallons per discharge) and we use reduce-flow showers (less than 3 gallons per minute), even when we have our own aqueduct.

At the end of the seventies, the Platón farm became property of the Toral family. This farm had around 500 hectares of coffee plantation and pasture for cattle. This farm featured a small home which had been built in the fifties which was used by the foreman and the hands at the farm, but due to the beauty of the place it went on to be used as a vacation home for the family. This farm grew soursop, avocado, orange, plantain, lime, cattle and mostly coffee, which is still grown today.

In 1998, hurricane George destroyed the house leaving behind a lot of debris in the area. The memories treasured by Mr. Manuel Toral Jr. led to the construction of the new house in 2001, after insisting for many years with his family about his desire to build a vacation home in his beloved Platón.

This first hut had 4 bedrooms, one living room, kitchen and a beautiful water fall in the terrace. After the house was built, family members and friends started to rent the cabin for vacation purposes.

In 2004 a Summer Camp was held on the site which offered ecological adventures and activities such as recreational and educational trips, sports, camping, tubing, and horseback riding. This is how the infrastructure of the Ranch was expanded and an additional cabin was built with two large bedrooms for groups, playground, lunch area, kitchen, water slide, and three natural pools. This summer camp ran successfully for three consecutive years.

After the publicity the summer camp brought to Rancho Platón more and more people started to demand its services until we decided to turn it into an ecotourism hotel.

Taking advantage of his long career in the building industry and his expertise in wood working at the hotels of the East region, Mr. Manuel Toral was able to create an inviting atmosphere featuring facilities finished to the highest standard.

People linked to the ecotourism industry currently rank Rancho Platón as one of the best places to relax and enjoy nature in the Dominican Republic.

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